Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exchanging hands...

The Purple Bug has already been sold to the OTG Group since last week.

The good thing is... I still get the chance to be its' stewart. Thanks a lot to the OTG Group.

OTG Group are the people behind the Green Technology Program as their answer to meet some Climate Solutions requirements.

The Purple Bug will still be needing new tyres, a reqorked exhaust pipes and manifolds... Some minor body works and painting... a New Wiper Motor and Wipers, a new door and door mechanisms and window risers... Weather strips... AC reforbishment... and lastly... a new registration...

All in all, this restoration project will cost about P80 to P100K.

I still don't have the budget for this... I just don't know if I can even find a way or means to finance this.

We plan to drive the car all over the country... from Luzon to Mindanao...with a side trip to Cebu.

Hopefully... we can. Godwilling.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dry Cell Installation on a 67 VW Beetle

I felt the need to post this into the HHO Purple Bug Blog since it is also a beetle and it is also HHO enhanced. Enjoy it.

The video is property of Art Nesmit from Texas.

This video was done right after finishing the installation. Sorry it is so dark, but it was late when I finished. Better and more detailed still photos here:

I don't have a on/off switch on this which might seem overly confident. But there is a switch on the throttle that grounds the relay to activate the dry cell when the throttle is opened and turns off the cell at idle. I have a plastic skull head that helps hold up the hoses so the HHO bubbles have a more uphill route making flow better. I installed lighting in this skull connected to the power source to the cell so I can tell by looking if the dry cell is on or not. I checked the amperage of this cell and it was at 6 amps cold. I will run this to see how well it performs. At 6 amps on this size engine I might be close to going past the "flywheel effect" of this engine since it only displaces 1600 CCs. If I activate the cell with the engine at idle and the idle drops noticeable, then the amps are past the flywheel effect and the electrolyte must be diluted to get the maximum efficiency from the cell on this engine. I will piddle with it more and post updated videos later.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

HHO in the News!

Hydrogen on demand systems... in the news... The cell or systems you will see featured here is from Alexis... One of the early adapters and or experimenters... He perfected a electronic control and monitoring system "VMU" for OBD2 cars with Hydrogen on Demand system. HHO for short.

This is the same system installed in Purple Bug - the design variations can go a thousand and one ways - but they are all working in the same manner with the same type of gas and the same benefit and effect.

The impact to the environment is also another thing to consider.

These systems are designed to make your vehicles a Zero emission unit. If it can't achieve it - it will be somewhere near that benchmark.

Now tell me if this is not better than any other fuel system out there that will keep out country dependent on foreign oil, fuel and technology?

Green is a Go!

Friday, April 10, 2009

0 to 120 kph sprint!

One fine day to do something that really gives me the kicks.

There's is nothing new to Purple Bugs condition, except for a better electrical system and a little prototype unit from Mr. X Technologies. The Ignition Enhancer... It facilitates faster voltage surge speed for every ignition spark and this is evident with the low idling I am able to make with the engine. Keeping it low is not advisable, I merely set it low in order to demonstrate the ignition enhancement improvement.

Low idle is not possible with weak ignition sparks.

My ass dynanometer tells me that Purple Bug runs much faster and stronger now. Slowly but surely we are getting there.

This is my tribute to the club, I know you are enthusiasts with VW's in general, but what is enthusiasm without a cause?

My cause is clearly stated in this link: - visit it - it's worth your time - take my word for it.

You are now probably asking what's the point of this video?...

3 Words... Lean, Mean and Green.

We probably can't have the best of both worlds, but what is impossible?

Who would've thought that man can step on the moon 100 years ago? Who would've thought that I can tell you something without opening my mouth in real time even if you are 100 miles away 30 years ago? The advancement of science and art of technology has never been more faster but in the last 15 years only. As the Nike commercial goes..."Impossible is nothing".. "Just do it!".

I believe that we as responsible VW owners should be concerned with the environment and air quality as well, otherwise, we are just a bunch of kids in a grown up body.

I guess I have bragging rights about how low an emission I can get with an old battered bug. It's not really an earth shattering figure but for an engine with 10:1 AFR and battered condition - It is unheard of to have near EURO 2 compliancy figures!

I have less guilt driving this bug everyday due my my lower carbon footprint... and I am also confident to say that I am bringing more Oxygen back to the atmosphere the more I drive this bug.

I guess the point is now clearly stated. Driving to save the environment is possible with hydrogen on demand system on board, but this technology is still experimental, but not for long.

As I speak, developments to make this commercially available is already underway. Be part of a growing global consioussness... And it doesnt matter whether you are Pinoy or not, we are still living in one planet, breathing one and the same air, Whether you like it or not, we are on the same boat... if it sinks, we all go down with it. (Violin Music from Titanic in the background... "Gentlemen, It's been a pleasure playing with you")

You don't want that scene I know so let's do something about it!

I was looking for an opportunity to share with you about this consciousness for quite some time already, but time is a luxury I don't have much of... well, it's one of the luxuries I dont have among the many luxuries you can think of.

Let me end this article with these questions:

What is my carbon footprint?

What am I doing everyday in respect to the protection of my planet?

Do I really need to pay/ bribe the emission testing fixer guy to get my bug registered?

Am I doing the right step every time I press that right pedal to the floor?

Think about it.

I would love to see this club to once and for all be able to say in all honesty that... Yes, I can enjoy the ride! Cause the more I step on it, the more I strengthen the Ozone layer.

All the best! Mabuhay Cavitenio Halimaws.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Formula 1 Racecar 2009 Changes 3D Animation

Check out the latest changes in an F1...

Check out the Purple Bug Wings designed 7 years ago.

It wasn't designed whimsically... it was designed using an 18:1 scale model mocked up with Cardboards and subjected into a makeshift Wind tunnel.

I used tissue paper strips to act as my air flow stream gauge/ indicators. The higher rear foils with the more narrow and upright fins makes the best aero dynamic aid for the purple bug.

F1 seems to follow this path.

More revelations to come out soon.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hyper Bug 1641cc turbo/nitrous VW Beetle Drag Car

Here's something worth sharing....

A distant cousin of Purple Bug...

Very efficient for it's engine displacement.

Enjoy it!

Monday, October 6, 2008

LOW Emission Bug

The Low Emmission Bug - Enjoy this video.